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Theme tours

  • China kongfu tour China kongfu tour

    Chinese kungfu is the best known around the world. It has aroused a craze since the films by Bruce Lee and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. It is not only about fighting but also is combined with tradi......

  • shanghai slum tour shanghai slum tour

    Slamdog Millionaire is a story depicts the life of an 18-year old orphan boy who once lived on the slams of India.  Jamal Malik, who worked as an errand boy to a call center industry got the chan......

  • shanghai gourmet trip shanghai gourmet trip

    To the Chinese, cooking is an art in itself. Chinese cuisine places emphasis on colour, aroma and flavour. Not only must a dish taste good, it must also appeal to the senses to be able to when the app......

  • China religion tour China religion tour

    we have different kinds of religions in China,in different areas of China,the west of China,it is our Muslim religion,in the west of China,it is our catholicism,in the south of China,it is our Buddhis......