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Medical care

Health Care on the Road
It is best to make sure you have good travel insurance to cover you while you are in China. If you become sick with something minor, it is possible to see an internationally trained doctor in the big cities such as Beijing and Shanghai. The SOS International Clinic is one of many offering such service. But the price is high to see a doctor, run tests and get medicines, thus insurance can be useful. Its also possible to go to a local hospital where costs are lower, but you can experience long waiting times and there can be language problems.
Make sure you have your passport and at least one credit card which you can use if you need urgent medical care. Clinics and hospitals will want payment before giving care. If you have a severe condition you will end up going to a Chinese hospital as the international clinics cannot handle major cases. Often times with insurance policies you will need to pay for your care and get reimbursed later.
If you become ill while on our tours our English speaking staff will take you to a clinic or hospital and stay with you to translate if necessary. However realize you are responsible for your medical bills, we cannot pay them for you.