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travel with children

China is a great place to travel with children. The Chinese love children and are very friendly to foreigners. Sometimes a bit too much attention is heaped on them, but generally its a lot of fun being told how good looking your children are and the amazement expressed when they find out you have more than one child in a land of mainly single child families.
On tour there is lots for kids to do. Walk or sleep on the Great Wall. Ride a toboggan sled down the wall. Drive electric boats on historic lakes, enjoy amusements in local parks and shop for cheap toys or sporting goods. Ride a bicycle rickshaw through the old town, make dumplings in a Chinese family home, visit a kindergarten or school. See a cricket show, make kites, attend the acrobat or kungfu show.
When traveling with children the hotel situation needs to be considered. A suite in a 3-star or 4-star hotel can be a good option as you can get a separate living room and bedroom. Apartment style hotels while not the cheapest option can work well too, with a kitchen, modern laundry machine and 1 or 2 bathrooms and 1, 2 or 3 separate bedrooms. Connecting rooms in hotels are not common in China so if you go with two standard hotel rooms be aware of this.
The China Guide follows the western method of child discounts based on age when pricing tours. In China, tourist sights and attractions base child discounts on a child's height, not their age. Normally children under 1.0, 1.2 or 1.4 meters receive a discount depending on the situation. This will not affect you if you are on one of our tours as we absorb the cost discrepancy.
You may find times when your children can play with Chinese children. Chinese parents will often encourage their little children to play with foreigners. These short encounters along the way are part of the fun for kids.