About Us

About us

EZ tour – For your own personal touch on China
At EZ Tour we strive for perfection – If  there’s anything we’ve learnt from our years in the travel industry is that there isn’t really a mould that everyone conforms to when it comes to planning the perfect vacation. There’s so much choice in the market and yet finding your right tour can often send you around in circles, spending hours going through hundreds of seemingly similar looking packages. This is because many travel companies don’t spend the time personalising your travel, at EZ Tour we aim to explore your every need, for your China travel isn’t only about pitching up, taking pictures and going home again, it’s about feeling China and experiencing as much as possible and taking home memories that you’ll get to tell your friends and family for years to come.
If you’re planning your next China holiday, look no further; at EZ Tour we stand up for the real traveller. We want to break free from the current standards of travelling and offer our valued customers their own personalised experiences so they truly get everything they’re looking for. With our wealth of experience and global resources, we’re at hand anytime of the day ready to help you.